What's the goal?


You can get different fitness benefits by exercising in different heart rate (HR) zones. These five exercise zones are based on the percentage ranges of maximum heart rate. In each zone, you will feel a different level of exertion and your body will be burning a different percentage of carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

Know Your Max: 208 - (.7 x age)

Healthy Heart Rate Zone: 50-60% MHR

Fitness Heart Rate Zone: 60-70% MHR

Aerobic Heart Rate Zone: 70-80% MHR

Anaerobic Heart Rate Zone: 80-90% MHR

Red-Line Zone: 90-100% MHR

What does all of this mean? Vary your workouts!

Aerobic: In the aerobic zone, you burn 50 percent of your calories from fat, 50 percent from carbohydrate, and less than 1 percent from protein. With the increase in intensity, you burn more calories in the same amount of time, as you are covering more distance in that same time. The calories you burn depend most on distance and your weight. If you go farther in the same amount of time, you burn more calories per minute.

Anaerobic: In the anaerobic zone, you burn more calories per minute than with the lower heart rate workouts as you are covering more distance per minute. The body burns 85 percent carbohydrates, 15 percent fat and less than 1 percent protein in this zone. This intense exercise will improve the amount of oxygen you can consume and takes you to the limit where your body begins to produce lactic acid. 

Our instructors are available to assist in recommending the best combination of cardio and strength programming to achieve maximum results.

You should always consult a physician before beginning any fitness program.